Custom My Regal Hair Unit

Custom My Regal Hair Unit

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Maximize the longevity of your authentic virgin tresses by getting a custom unit made. All units are constructed with custom ventilated mesh cap, with 100% raw Cambodian tresses. At the current moment units are only made with 4x4 and 5x5 closures. In the near future we will offer frontal and full ventilated options. 



My Regal Hair is allowing hair to be sent in for wig construction only.  We do not guarantee the longevity of any outside company's tresses. 

They turn around time is 7 to 10  days for all units.

My Regal Hair Units comes in the natural color of its donors. You do have the options for coloring.

Please email the measurement of your head using the diagram below to : subject- Your Name - Measurements ex: Ashley Green- Measurements.


Please note the standard bundle is 4oz. 12oz is the same as 3 bundles. 


Custom My Regal Hair Unit